Autodesk Inventor Pro 2020

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Autodesk Inventor Pro 2020

Autodesk Inventor Pro 2020

Autodesk Inventor Pro 2020 | 5.2 Gb

Autodesk Inc., is pleased to announce the availability of Inventor Pro 2020. This release includes improvements to performance, automation, and core modeling workflows. Inventor 2020 also connects you to the Autodesk Cloud.

Inventor Pro 2020 Release Notes - Feb 18, 2019:

What's New in Autodesk Inventor Pro 2020

This year we celebrate Inventor's 20 year anniversary with the release of Inventor Pro 2020. This release delivers a host of enhancements to help you solve complex product design challenges and get more done in less time.

Inventor Pro 2020 delivers:

- Enhanced User Interface (UI) and Workflows: Streamlined part modeling, smart sketch profile detection, multi-monitor app frame, and a modernized look and feel.
- Customer Driven Improvements: Solid sweep, frame design productivity, complex surface unwrap and flattening, read-only mode, settings presets, and several more from Inventor Ideas that came directly from you.
- Continued Delivery of Professional Grade Functionality: Faster import, patterning, navigation, Tube & Pipe route edits, as well as expanded Express Mode functionality.
- Multiple Fixes Improving Stability and Quality: Click here for a detailed list of these improvements.

- Add-Ins - 3D PDF
Improved stability when exporting to a 3D PDF file. INVGEN-13981
- Drawings
Improved stability when working with the Design Doctor in a drawing. INVGEN-14270
- Drawings - Annotations - Text
The decimal precision of text and leader text are now equal. INVGEN-12729
- Drawings - Sheets
Improved stability when deleting a sheet in drawing file with a picture attached. INVGEN-17167
- Drawings - Title Blocks-Borders
Resolved issue where deleting the font or deleting a label from a border zone produced unexpected behavior. INVGEN-12733
- Drawings - Views
Placed orthogonal views that include a rotation now display correctly. INVGEN-14534
Resolved issue where the warning, "Salvaged view: May not be accurate.", incorrectly displays next to the view icon in the browser. INVGEN-18689
Resolved issue where solid geometry disappeared when using the Replace model references tool in the drawing environment. INVGEN-21364
- My Home
Scrolling through projects list on the Home screen now honors the mouse drive scroll settings. INVGEN-2933
- Parameters
Improved stability when editing a rectangular sketch pattern where one of the occurrence count parameters is set to "1 ul". INVGEN-17600
- Parts
Improved stability when moving an End of Part marker under a selected feature or to the Origin folder. INVGEN-1860
- Parts - 2D Sketch
Resolved issue in a 2D Sketch where one or more dimensions driven by sketch block dimensions failed to update correctly. INVGEN-1282
Improved stability when creating a rectangular pattern in 2D sketch. INVGEN-4701
Improved stability when displaying all degree of freedom in a sketch. INVGEN-16081
Improved stability when editing a spline in a 2D sketch. INVGEN-18246
- Parts - 3D Sketch
Improved stability when editing a spline in a 3D sketch. INVGEN-19189
- Parts - Extrude-Revolve-Sweep-Coil
Resolved issue where one or more solid bodies were incorrectly being automatically highlighted. INVGEN-14809
Improved stability when pressing ESC or Undo to cancel a preview when using the Hole/Extrude/Revolve commands. INVGEN-16667
- Parts - Freeform
Improved stability when working with models created from the Freeform Match Edges command. INVGEN-7593
Issues with dimension entries in the TSpline primitive creation dialogs (box, plane, quadball, etc) is resolved. INVGEN-16350
- Parts - Hole-Threads
Resolved issue where selection is lost after selecting a sketch with a window and then entering the hole command. INVGEN-18051
Resolved issue where a shared sketch becomes hidden when working in the Hole command while there is another feature between the Hole feature and the sketch which is consumed by the Hole. INVGEN-18099
Resolved issue where the hole panel didn't allow the direct selection (using CTRL+ Click) of a sketch dimension. INVGEN-20697
There are no longer differences between the Tolerance values displayed in the Hole dialog box and the graphics window when retrieving dimensions in Inventor drawings. INVGEN-21521
Resolved issue where the tolerance value wasn't displaying correctly when closing the Hole dialog box while Tolerance dialog box is still open. INVGEN-23013
- Parts - Measure
Improved stability when using the measure command. INVGEN-18598
Improved stability when when using the measure command on an AutoCAD block in a part (.ipt) file. INVGEN-20171
- Parts - Properties
Trailing commas no longer display in German Inventor iProperty fields. INVGEN-16845
The iProperty date value now shows the correct date. INVGEN-22400
- Parts - Work Features
Resolved issue where the Select Other menu option was not available when creating a work feature. INVGEN-12065
- Parts - iFeature-iPart
Improved performance when generating iPart members. INVGEN-10880
iPart member names with a trailing space, such as "Medium Plate 122-BKA ", no longer trigger an invalid error message. INVGEN-21904
- Platform
The abbreviation"po" is now recognized as an abbreviation for "Pouce", which is French for inch. INVGEN-1014
Improved stability when saving to a drive with very little free disk space. INVGEN-8765
Deployed Application Options settings are now distributed to all users. INVGEN-11905
The Open File dialog box is updated to highlight the previously opened file in the current Inventor session. INVGEN-12156
Improved stability when launching the Customer Error Report (CER) dialog after clicking OK to an error message indicating a component failed to load. INVGEN-13954
Improved stability when working with very large drawing files. INVGEN-15122
Improved stability when saving a part. INVGEN-15634
Shaded and break views now show the correct color when exported to PDF. INVGEN-15646
Write-protected files, such as content center parts can no longer be modified by the API or iLogic rules to maintain consistency with the UI behavior. Setting the hidden _LibraryDocumentModifiable API property allows the API and iLogic rules to modify write-protected files. See
for more information. INVGEN-13347
Resolved issue with density showing as 0.000 for materials when calculating the weight of a part. INVGEN-16085
Improved stability in general when working in Inventor. INVGEN-16504
Resolved issue where CPU usage wasn't decreasing correctly after creating a Section View or importing mesh data. INVGEN-17007
Improved stability in part files when changing OLE source. INVGEN-18177
Resolved issue where Window Explorer crashes when changing the view of a folder with a large amount of Inventor files from Medium icons to Large icons. INVGEN-19069
Resolved issue where the the last 3 characters in a file name was getting cut off after exporting the file to a different CAD format. INVGEN-19569
Improved stability when working with Spline control points. INVGEN-20346
Resolved issue where auto-centering was not functioning correctly when performing an orbit operation with a 3Dconnexion Space Mouse. INVGEN-22656
- Translators
Resolved issue where the degrees embedded in an Inventor welding symbol weren't displaying correctly and were changing position after exporting to an AutoCAD .dwg file. INVGEN-4195
Shaded Views now display correctly when opening an Inventor DWG file in AutoCAD. INVGEN-14177
A component in a sub-assembly pattern set to invisible no longer reverses to visible after exporting to a STEP file, and importing back into Inventor. INVGEN-15125
Improved stability when republishing DWFx files in Inventor. INVGEN-17163
Resolved issue with part files containing a DXF not opening. INVGEN-21096
Resolved issue where the import options for STL and OBJ files were incorrectly disabled. INVGEN-22995
- UI - Browser
Resolved issue where the shortcut keys, F2 and the Up/ Down arrow key, stopped working in a browser after closing a warning message. INVGEN-7640
- UI - Mini Toolbar
Improved stability when creating a section view and select other is enabled. INVGEN-24666

About Autodesk Inventor Pro. Inventor Professional 3D CAD software offers professional-grade tools for 3D mechanical design, documentation, and product simulation. Develop, manage, and deliver great products with Digital Prototyping capabilities.

With Inventor you know you have the best features for advanced mechanical engineering design, finite element analysis, motion simulation, data management, routed system and mold design, as well as enhanced CAD collaboration.

About Autodesk. Autodesk helps people imagine, design and create a better world. Everyone-from design professionals, engineers and architects to digital artists, students and hobbyists-uses Autodesk software to unlock their creativity and solve important challenges.

Product: Autodesk Inventor
Version: Pro 2020
Supported Architectures: x64
Website Home Page :

Language: english
System Requirements: PC
Supported Operating Systems: Windows 7even SP1 or Windows 10
Size: 5.2 Gb


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